Nostalgia Tuesday: YES WE CAN

I’ve usually avoided talking plainly and openly about mainstream politics on this blog. It’s not that I’m not politically-minded. It’s just that I prefer to keep this place lighthearted and upbeat. And well, when you start talking politics…. But despite that, I’m going to go that direction now. I may ramble, so please forgive me. […]

Nostalgia Tuesday: Washing Beets

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So I’m up in Kansas hanging out with Granny at the nursing home. They had beets at lunch the other day and we got talking about a day that I was visiting for the summer and helped her harvest the beets from her garden. And I remembered I had recently scanned the above picture from […]

Nostalgia Tuesday: Mix Tapes for Christmas

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I loved this old boombox. Dual cassette decks with high-speed dubbing. I’d stay up late into the night recording songs I liked off the radio. (Back when they played more than a handful of songs each day.) I still have a big box of those old mix tapes in my music room. I need to […]

Nostalgia Tuesday: I Ain’t ‘Fraid of No Ghost Edition

On my eighth birthday my mom made me a Ghostbusters themed cake. On Saturday I turned 31 and something else spooky happened. This year as a present to myself I turned off my phone and my BlackBerry. I turned off my computer. I didn’t check email. I completely disconnected. Several years have passed since the […]

Nostalgia Tuesday: Bread Appreciation Part II

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As I mentioned previously, I most certainly owe a big debt of gratitude to bread and other bakery products because without them I wouldn’t be where I am today. (About 5’10” and 230 lbs.) So for the second week in a row, Nostalgia Tuesday is dedicated to bread. (And because I’m surprised I missed this […]

Nostalgia Two-fer Tuesday

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As I mentioned a couple weeks ago, my dad recently retired after 45 years in the baking business. If you’re so inclined, go out and eat a pile of carbs at lunch today in celebration. (Of course, if you’d done this before he retired he’d probably have a little more coin in the 401K and […]

Nostalgia Tuesday: The start of football season

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Football season has just started. My fantasy teams are already getting their butts kicked. So here’s a picture of me wearing a Dallas Cowboys shirt. I’m not sure why my sister appears to be eating checkers. It couldn’t be because I’m feeding them to her.

Nostalgia Tuesday: Sorry I haven’t called…

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I’ve been busy. Yeah, you know, how it is. Work, work, work. Am I on a car phone? Yeah, how’d you know? Just got it installed this week. Yeah, I know NOBODY’S got one yet, but I’m just totally bleeding edge like that. Seriously, it’ll be THE hot shit in like 15 years. Oh hey, […]

Nostalgia Tuesday: Summer’s Over

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View it Big View it Big In many places, teachers and students are headed back to school this week. That means no more horsing around outside with the kiddie pool. These shots were taken in Kansas, probably in 1983. By my uncle, I think. However, or whenever they happened, I just love them.

Nostalgia Tuesday: The Meta Version

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So here’s more proof that the photography bug bit me pretty early. Also, check out the socks! And I’m surprised I was able to match these up, but here’s the corresponding shot from my camera: 90% of my memories of Granny look like this. I’m starting to wonder how much of my life was spent […]