Nostalgia Tuesday

Nostalgia Tuesday: Bread Appreciation Part II

Bread Appreciation, Continued

As I mentioned previously, I most certainly owe a big debt of gratitude to bread and other bakery products because without them I wouldn’t be where I am today. (About 5’10” and 230 lbs.) So for the second week in a row, Nostalgia Tuesday is dedicated to bread. (And because I’m surprised I missed this photo in the stack last week.)

With that said, parents today would probably freak out if they found their baby busy trying to shove a plastic bag in its mouth. Instead, my grandmother whipped out the Polaroid. And I turned out fine.

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that loaf and you are almost about the same size! Look at you kicking your feet, probably thrilled about getting your hands on some bread!


You loved that “Rainbo” label – just like on your daddy’s shirt in last week’s picture. In fact, you used to yell “DADDY!” any time you saw a person wearing a Rainbo uniform shirt. That certainly made for some raised eyebrows and embarrassing moments at the grocery store! : )

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