Nostalgia Tuesday

Nostalgia Tuesday: Sorry I haven’t called…

Sorry I haven't posted much lately.

I’ve been busy. Yeah, you know, how it is. Work, work, work. Am I on a car phone? Yeah, how’d you know? Just got it installed this week. Yeah, I know NOBODY’S got one yet, but I’m just totally bleeding edge like that. Seriously, it’ll be THE hot shit in like 15 years. Oh hey, I’ve gotta go, the light has changed and this guy behind me is honking and screaming something about a “brother trucker.” Later, man!

2 replies on “Nostalgia Tuesday: Sorry I haven’t called…”

AWWWW! I love this picture! and I was thrilled to see a picture that I’m not in! : ) I especially like the way your socks match your vehicle. That should start a whole new trend. From the intense look on your face, I think you must be cooking up some mischief with Poppa. (From the looks of your diaper, I’m pretty sure your dad must have changed you.)

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