Nostalgia Tuesday

Nostalgia Tuesday: Redneck Tricycle

In this penultimate installment of Nostalgia Tuesday during Redneck Heritage month, I present this portrait of myself on the most badass trike in the history of trikes. Isn’t that hupcap totally fly?

2 replies on “Nostalgia Tuesday: Redneck Tricycle”

I was going to accuse you of photo-editing this picture, because I don’t think I’ve ever seen it before. However, I can totally visualize you and Pop “pimping” your ride to get a rise out of Granny. : )

I’m concerned about the memories this brings me of my blue tricycle that I used to tell people I was going to ride to Kansas City. I should’ve known my husband was for me when he immediately got it and said “like the song?” but I don’t think even he could’ve imagined such a “pimped out” tricycle!

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