I’m 6 months away from my 30th birthday. Standards keep getting lower every day, don’t they?

As of the end of the first week of April, I have now received over 10 kilograms of mail. Just over 6 kilograms of that has been junkmail. Thanks to a strong showing by magazine subscriptions (particularly by this month’s WIRED) the spam ratio has slipped to just a hair under 60% of the total mail. Magazines now make up just over 25% of the stack. I’m sure once the next issue of JPG shows up, it’ll cause it to slip a little further.

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Anyway, back to the mail …

In this graph you can see how the roughly 23 pounds of mail stacks up:
Watch It Grow 3

And in this graph you can see that PacMan should probably still consider visiting a doctor:
What Have I Got? 3

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