It’s been a while since my last update on the Junkmail Project. (Here’s a link to all the previous posts on the project if you need to catch up.) I had about a month’s worth of mail recorded and then didn’t have time to make that post before I left town for about a month. My family was nice enough to swing by the house and pick up my mail while I was gone and vigilantly saved all the junk for me so the project could continue.

So where are we now?

What Have I Got? - Update 6

That chart is in kilograms. And you see that right. I’ve received over 14 kilograms of spam so far. That’s almost 32 pounds of pure junk! It’s more than doubled since April!

The spam has crept back up to just over 65%, and you can see two big spikes in the spam in this next chart.

Watch it Grow - Update 5

Those are both from gigantic catalogs that really beefed up the totals. One was over three and a half pounds by itself! Can you imagine how much that campaign cost to send?

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