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2008 Silverado 350K Pictures

Ron Hornaday Victory Lap

OK, so it’s taken me a month to post any more pictures from the fall races at TMS. I know I’ve been delinquent in that regard. Actually, I haven’t blogged at all since the races, have I?

I’m sorry. I’ve had a lot going on. A couple of trips, a holiday, all sorts of business. I’m sorry for that. I’ll try to be better in the future. And Nostalgia Tuesday will return soon, I promise.

Anyway, I spent a couple of hours tinkering with pictures from the Craftsman Truck race, so here are those. I’ll get to the other two races as soon as I can. (Most likely next week.)

Overall, I’m not nearly as happy with these as I am with the shots from the Nationwide Series race on Saturday or the Cup race on Sunday. I was using a lens I hadn’t tried before and it took me a day or so to get comfortable with it. Also, I’ve learned I simply don’t have the gear to shoot the night races properly. (Or at least how I feel it should be done.) If anyone wants to send me a new Canon 5D Mark II and a massive f/4 or lower L series lens I promise I’ll do better next time…

Anyway, click here to check out the set on Flickr.

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2008 O’Reilly 300 Pictures

Gas and Go

My pictures from the Nationwide Series race on Saturday are now up over on Flickr.

So are the pictures from Friday’s qualifying. (Check ’em out here.)

Sunday’s Samsung 500 pictures will be coming Monday evening. (I’ve gotta sleep sometime.)