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Something’s rotten in Milford

If you think this pile is big, you should see the one Congress has been stacking up in D.C.

4 replies on “Something’s rotten in Milford”

I saw this and it is gross. One more reason why the city is the place for me. at least here the piles of shit are small enough to put in plastic bags and thrown away … they never spontaneously ignite.

Then again, if Congress’ bullshit was combustible, we wouldn’t have to worry about a terrorist bomb so much as we would have to worry about the nations capital spontaneously combusting…especially with the volume coming from the confirmation hearings of the prez’s minions…

although, unlike Nancy, I think I’d prefer the cowshit to what can be found on a sidewalk…

yeah well there is a big difference between one cow pile and several tons of “cow piles” that self ignite allowing their stench to go for miles. At least in the city there is no self ingition (i think that is the part that just makes me uneasy)

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