Several of you have sent me text messages in the last day or two asking such questions as “Where are you now?” and “Are you dead?”

I apologize for the lack of posting once we left Vegas. Unfortunately, on the way back we didn’t stay anywhere with a good internet connection, and the scenery was too damn gorgeous for the camera phone to do it justice. I mean, come on, just look at the shot above. Seriously, is this not the most incredible stretch of road anywhere?

It’s taken me more time than it should have, but I’ve updated the photo set with the rest of the trip pictures. You can see us stand on a corner in Winslow, Arizona. (We’re such a fine sight to see.)

To see each photo with comments, you can check out the set here:

My Route 66 set on Flickr

If you want to view them as a nifty animated presentation (but without my witty comentary) you can check out the slideshow here:

See the slideshow

I definitely recommend viewing a couple of the shots in the mountains in Arizona at a larger size. It’s pretty much impossible to capture the scale and awe-inspiring depth of the place in a picture, but it really does it injustice when you have to look at it in a tiny photo. Click the little magnifying glass button above any of the photos to blow them up and see more detail.

In the next few days, hopefully I’ll get around to writing down some of the stories from the trip and sharing them here. I’m incredibly grateful that Brad let me to talk him into taking this crazy-ass ride with me. We had been talking about doing something like this for a couple of years, and I’m so glad it finally happened.

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Amy · 16 August 2006 at 8:29 AM

These pics are gorgeous! Rolland and I have been talking about a similar trip but I’m not sure he and I would fair as well as you two did but these definitely make me want to risk it!

Looks like you had a great time, glad you’re back to tell the tales!

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