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Sign that the end of the online dating world is nigh

As many of you may know, I work for an online dating company. Well, over the last year or so, this industry has become pretty darned crowded. There’s a lot of competition out there now, and one major trend is specialization. There are sites for religious matching, sites for people with specific jobs, and even sites that focus on finding people with compatible pets. But the latest site to enter the market really took me by surprise:

“Hannidate 2005, where you may find your perfect match through Hannity style romance.”

Yes, Sean Hannity.

Yes, that Sean Hannity.

I tell you, if his service doesn’t match him up with Alan Colmes, there’s no justice in this world.

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So I looked at several of the “profiles” on Hannidate. Ummmm … really really scary. I feel better about my own single status … thats what i have to choose from. :)

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