Rat Rod

These types of junkmobile hot rods are making a real come back. This is the sort of thing real guys can really do. I didn’t grab a shot of it, but the interior door panels are made of plywood. In the back seat the owner wrote a note: ‘If you’re looking at this, you’re looking too close.’

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Brad · 21 March 2005 at 6:44 PM

While I think they are somewhat cool, and certainly not trailer queens, the whole rat rod craze amuses me….I mean, it’s been the heart of good ol’ american heavy metal hot rodding since the beginning. It’s just become popular to stop the project at the driveable but not ‘shiny’ phase…the whole point of flat or matte paint on a car eludes me. I’m all about doing your own wrenching and mods, but the idea that these cars are finished just doesn’t work for me…

Mark · 3 August 2006 at 8:34 PM

Rat rods are some of the coolest things ever build. Im only 14 and interested in them big time. like being able to take jus odds and ends and making it into something that looks cool. People back then didnt have money and all the rich kids did. They didnt have money for a $1000 dollar paint job. They jus went to auto wreckers and grabbed what they needed and made it fit. And thats whats so cool bout these cars is the look that there done and dont look like it.

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