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Nostalgia Tuesday: Why you should go vote today

This picture was from my first “sleepover” birthday party. I believe this was in the second grade. As you can tell, we were some crazy mofos.

So what does this have to do with election day? Not much, except you should keep in mind that these crazy mofos have been old enough to vote for over a decade now. Think your vote’s not important? For every one of you, there are four nutjobs like these with a ballot and intent.

Or, alternatively, you could look at it this way … your vote is needed to counteract the poor judgment of the parents who got these obviously deranged kids hopped up on ice cream and caffiene resulting in THIS picture:

In retrospect, my parents probably realized this was a bad idea

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I’m crazy about the kid with glasses.

I also like that as the little you seems to be getting older with each nostalgia tuesday, he looks more and more like grownup you.

See you tomorrow!

Those are hilarious. I just saw some recently at Mom’s house from around the same time… I think on one of those crazy road trips our parents took us on.

oh holy crap, it’s me at age 8….

ginny = the one that lived in our neighborhood? what’s she up to these days?

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