Nostalgia Tuesday

Nostalgia Tuesday: The root of many issues…

There are a lot of things I could say about this picture. Why am I being swallowed by an enormous muppet-like carpet monster here? And why am I so happy about it? Could this “incident” be why I have an unnatural fear of dorky plaid? Why is it that every time I was “dressed up” before I was six they put me in a bowtie? All I know is that I’m suddenly very hungry for popcorn….

3 replies on “Nostalgia Tuesday: The root of many issues…”

This picture was taken in Montgomery while in your grandmother’s care. I accept no responsibility for the bow tie – or the strangely disturbing setting. : ) Still, it’s a pretty cute picture and you don’t exactly look miserable! Go Orville!

I can’t decide if you should be hocking popcorn or telling me tomorrow’s forecast. Ahhh, the 70s, a time when clothing could actually cause retinal damage. “Warning: Do not look directly at the leisure suit. Looking directly at the leisure suit may cause permanent damage, nausea, disorientation, halucination, dry-mouth, watery eyes, retinal damage and / or birth defects.”

In response to Brad’s comment: I think the leisure suit probably prevented more birth defects than caused them -very effective birth control!

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