Nostalgia Tuesday

Nostalgia Tuesday Returns!

Nostalgia Tuesday returns from summer vacation. (And it’s only mid-October!)

Actually, the delay was that I had to raid the stash of pictures at my parents’ house. Now I have enough blackmail material to last well into next year.

Speaking of blackmail, I thought of trying to extort a steak dinner out of my little sister with this picture, but after thinking about it, it was just too good to not post. But I thought it was only fair that I fill in the rest of the scene that was cut out of the picture…

2 replies on “Nostalgia Tuesday Returns!”

I can’t wait to hear what EJ has to say about this picture – probably something along the lines of “What kind of mother puts her baby girl in a horizontally striped bathing suit?!”

Great pic….i love it. I especially like the addition. But what I want to know is the story before the actual putting the hose in her mouth….Where were the parental units…probably taking pictures I guess.

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