Your perspective on that title may vary depending on whether you believe that “hunting” is a participle or a verb. (Either way you look at it, you’re pretty much correct.)

So like I said last week, this week’s post would make up for last week’s girly moment in the most macho way possible. And what could be more macho than a couple of guys sitting in the back of a truck with shotguns and camouflage? Perhaps only if we were smoking big stogies and had a six pack of Pearl Light … but that might’ve been a little inappropriate considering I was about 10 or 11 in this picture.

In case you were wondering how the hunt went, Ginny’s dad Jack (he’s the one with the mustache) and I (without the mustache, though still looking really manly) only saw two turkeys that day. And you’re looking at both of them right here.

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