Brilliance in Marketing Politics

Lame holiday gift idea #576

Stupid stocking stuffer idea

This is the start of an ad that was in an email I got today from the North Texas Tollway Authority.

I’m not sure what’s crappier, the mere concept of a TollTag as a stocking stuffer, or the suggestion that it’s okay to be a cheap bastard and just “get someone started on the road to savings with a new account.”

I dunno, but to me that feels just one step short of saying, “Merry Christmas! I filled out one of those credit card applications you got in the mail for you!”

Note to family and friends: This is not what I want for Christmas.

Note to federal, state and local governments: Cut this crap out. We’re not your consumers or customers, we’re your citizens. Also, a toll road is a (sometimes) necessary civil project, not a luxury good.


Okay, the more I thought about it, the above post seemed really crabby, and while I don’t take back a word I said (yet) I do think it’s only right to provide a little positive balance. I’ve been watching a lot of My Name is Earl lately, and I think Karma would appreciate it. So, below is a link to what I think is an example of honest-to-God GOOD marketing of an actual luxury good. (And note to the family: This makes an excellent stocking stuffer idea!)