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Jesus is my sommelier

Inspired by a bit of wit in a conversation this afternoon, I’ve created a blasphemously fun t-shirt I thought I’d share.

Get it HERE.

3 replies on “Jesus is my sommelier”

Great, now I not only have to get one of these, but I’m reminded I still need to get a “Violent, Tangled, and Deeply Weird” shirt as well.

He he… isn’t the t-shirt the ultimate democratic piece of clothing?

What was the conversation that inspired the signage, anyway? Something along the line of “What would Jesus drink? What kind of wine would Jesus transform water into?”

It was one of those, “If you could invite 5 people to dinner…” type conversations. The other party asked, “What, you’re leaving Jesus off your guest list?” poking fun at the fact that He’s listed so frequently as a stock answer to that question. This was my witty retort.

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