The Old 97s played a show at the Grenada Theater this weekend. I’ve seen them 4 or 5 times before, and this was the best I’ve seen by far.

Here’s the setup:

It’s been ten years since the release of their debut album, Hitchkike to Rhome, and so the show was to be a celebration of the anniversary. No opening act. Instead, two sets worth of Old 97s. For the first set, they played the entire album. In order. Including the hidden track. The second set was one of the better “normal sets” they’ve put together.

Great show. Great show.

Here are a few pics:

Hitchhiking to Rhome

Hitchhiking to Rhome
Ken layin’ down the mean polka

Hitchhiking to Rhome
I believe in love, but it don’t believe in me

Hitchhiking to Rhome

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