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How much of a geek am I?

There’s a lot of talk about the political leanings of Texas A&M and the University of Texas compared to each other. So just how different are they? Which is more “radical” compared to the state of Texas as a whole?

To find out, read on:

To compile A&M’s results, I pulled the precinct by precinct results from the Bryan/College Station Eagle. TAMU Campus-only results are from the polling location in the Memorial Student Center, which should be student-only. The “surrounding area” includes areas I know students live in College Station, and the portion of Bryan just north of Northgate. This will surely include faculty, staff, and the few people in town who work for non-A&M related industries, but should get 90% of the off-campus population, which is most upperclassmen.

To compile UT’s results, I pulled the precinct by precinct results from Travis County’s website. The UT Campus-only results are from the polling locations at Jester East and Jester West, and should also be student-only. The “surrounding area” includes polls that are close to the UT campus, mostly north of the river and east of MOPAC. Part of the challenge with UT is that many students commute much farther (especially from South Austin) but Austin is a real city, unlike College Station. So, essentially, the city population should be less representative of the student population. (However, over time, the city should have more influence on these students than College Station has on Aggies.)

One more challenge: Brazos county results didn’t show third party / write in votes for each precinct … they were only visible in the full-county view. Either way, there were only 103 votes for Nader in ALL of Brazos county.

Interestingly, Badnarik (Libertarian) beat Nader quite soundly in both areas. Apparently Ralph’s even less of a factor in Texas than ever before. Even on college campuses.

Click the image above for the results

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