In Memphis they do funny (yet tasty) things with their sandwiches. Specifically, they put cole slaw on them. At Primanti Brothers in Pittsburgh, they go one step further by eliminating “side items” altogether. They serve their jaw-splitting creations with slaw and fries inside. And they’ll throw on a fried egg, if you want. My roast beef megalith was suprisingly better than I expected. Despite the gimmicky premise, this is actually a pretty damn good sandwich. This baker’s son was even impressed by the Italian bread holding the mess together, and that’s saying something, because I’m pretty darned picky about that stuff.

Anyway, the weather’s gorgeous and so is this city. I’m writing this from the plaza of the PPG Building. The water fountain show has just started up, so I’m going to go grab some pictures before catching a Pirates game this evening.

Seacrest out.

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