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Give me that old time religion

Give me that old time religion

I’m about halfway through reading Sarah Vowell’s The Wordy Shipmates and it reminded me that I had this old photo sitting on the hard drive unprocessed and previously unseen to the world. So here it is.

Oh, and the book is fantastic. It’s about Puritans. Not the ones who were on the Mayflower or the ones who burned witches. Just your regular old, run of the mill John Winthrop style of Puritan. Not that any Puritans could really be run of the mill. Anyway, I highly recommend it.

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Jesus is my sommelier

Inspired by a bit of wit in a conversation this afternoon, I’ve created a blasphemously fun t-shirt I thought I’d share.

Get it HERE.

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Nostalgia Tuesday: Me, shirtless with a truck … Like a young Burt Reynolds

Me, shirtless, with trucks

I really did miss my calling as a beefcake model, didn’t I?

(I figure I’ve embarrassed mom enough for a while, it’s time to turn the scanner on myself.)

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Happy Easter

Photography Religion

The eyes of Sauron are upon you

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Goin’ up to the spirit in the sky

Goin’ up to the spirit in the sky
That’s where I’m gonna go when I die
When I die and they lay me to rest
I’m gonna go to the place that’s the best
— Norman Greenbaum

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Smells Like Holy Spirit

My friends rock!

As many of you know, I collect kitschy Jesus stuff. Today my friend April handed me this package of “Heavenly Incense.” Somehow, I bet Jesus smelled a bit more like sandal funk than sandalwood, but perhaps I’m missing the point of this product…

Smells Like Holy Spirit

And then when I got home and checked the mail today, I had a package from Sophie and Chris with these badass toy cars and one of the goshdarn funniest notes ever.

Vette and Mustang

My friends doth rock much, indeed.

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The most thorough blog post I’ve ever made

I know I’ve been bad. I haven’t posted anything other than a few random camera phone shots in several weeks. But there’s a reason for my recent radio silence.

I finally took a cue from Johnny Paycheck (as written by David Allan Coe) and shoved the day job so I could go into business for myself. My last day at the hoochie factory in the online relationship business was January 27th and I’m now officially on my own.

(You can celebrate with me by downloading Take This Job and Shove It from iTunes and singing along!)

Quitting your job can be a great feeling if you’re leaving on good terms, and this was just such an event. Scott even gave me a trophy!

The last day in the office was like a birthday party. I actually received several other gifts from my friends on the team, but unfortunately (for you) most of them aren’t exactly appropriate for public viewing. While I don’t miss the daily grind, I already miss my office friends. They’re A+ in my book.

So what am I doing? Two things, for now:

  1. I’m helping start up a textbook publishing company. I’m mostly doing web work for them for now, but will be editing and probably doing a little marketing magic as well. We’re still pretty early in the game on this one, so there’s nothing to show off yet, but I’m really excited about it.
  2. I’m also helping my friend Carol grow her wellness center, Integrated Healthworks, through a little more of that marketing magic. (Step one: Website version 2.0 coming soon!) If you’re in need of a good headshrinking, therapeutic massage or advice from a registered dietician give IH a call. (And if you tell them Bo sent you they probably won’t hang up on you! You might as well take advantage while I still have a good reputation!)

So … since I’ve been getting the working from home in gym shorts gig up and running, you can understand why things have been a little hectic … hence the limited posting activity.

Now that I’m a little more settled in (and stir crazy) you can expect the updates to arrive with greater frequency. So hooray for blogging.

So outside of the work stuff, what’s going on? Here are some random anecdotes about my last couple of weeks:

1 – A Call to Action

Last Saturday the phone rang and I looked down at the caller ID to see:

“I better answer this!” I said to myself. “Superman may be in trouble and his sidekick/photographer immediately thought to call me because the only thing that can save Supes from Lex Luthor’s latest dastardly villainous plan is my keen recollection of pop culture trivia!”

It turns out Jimmy just wanted me to vote for some local schmoe for county judge. It was a big disappointment to say the least.

2 – Delivery at the Drive-In

I drove to Sonic to grab one of those tasty Tuesday night half-price burgers. While I’m munching away on my #2 cheeseburger with jalapeños a Domino’s driver parks in the spot next to me and runs a couple of pizzas inside.

I have two thoughts on this:

  1. It’s cool that the fine folks at the local Sonic are getting rewarded for good service with a pizza dinner.
  2. Even though I know I wouldn’t want to eat at the same place every day, it’s still somehow a bit disconcerting that people who work at a restaurant have to order out for food from somewhere else.

When it comes down to it though, it doesn’t matter. Sonic’s Strawberry Limeade is crazy delicious. It’s addictive. It’s like crack, but cheaper, tasty, and a lot less bad for you.

3 – China Hates Jesus, Loves Jesus Merchandise

I like to collect kitschy religious junk, like this goofy Answer Me Jesus figurine I got at Urban Outfitters:

It’s like a Magic 8 Ball, but when you turn it over, the advice is all Jesusy.

But you’ll also notice this:

I have to wonder how the Chinese government justifies itself on stuff like this. It’s a good idea to repress religious expression, unless you can cash in on it? I wonder if these are legal for sale in Lhasa.

4 – The top 4 search terms that brought people to my website in January

  1. aquacar
  2. small bathroom
  3. snl weiners wmv
  4. thrifty nickel vicksburg ms

If you actually read this far, you have way too much time on your hands.

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Happy Holidays from Florida

I wish each and every one of you a happy holiday season and a fantastic new year!

Have a:
Merry Christmas!
Happy Hanukkah!
Kickin Kwanzaa!
Festive Winter Solstice!
Jovial Saturnalia!
Or just a darned nice weekend!

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Sign in the VW dealer service shop

Remember my previous post about the pope’s VW selling on eBay? Well, VW decided to make a clever ad poster based on the sale. Well done.