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Can you hear me now?

Apparently, my ISP has been having issues today due to the high volume of election-related net traffic. Here’s the skinny from their support site:

Based on yesterday’s leadup, today we are guaranteeing an extraordinary level of traffic as the US heads to the polls and the commentary/liveblogging begins. As we also host several of the official election supervisor sites for large counties in Florida, no doubt those sites will be seeing a tremendous upswing as well.

So that’s kind of cool. It makes me feel somehow connected to history in the making. Although, I get the feeling that election supervision in Florida must be a futile job … like proctoring a literacy exam at Texas Tech or something.

2 replies on “Can you hear me now?”

Ouch!!! Leave the poor people in Lubbock alone … they have enough to deal with without you picking on them … but then again … they won’t know you picked on them because they can’t read it anyway. Nevermind!!!

To add to the literacy test, and considering Bush’s ties to Texas,(and his lack of literacy, speech, competence, etc.) I hereby recommend that the George W. Bush Presidential Library be located in Lubbock, Texas. The corresponding George W. Bush School of Political ‘Strategery’ and ‘Nukular’ Engineering would be a fabulous addition to that fine institution.

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