Have you wondered where I’ve been hiding for the last week?

I’ve been holed up in my house cleaning up the mess left by a couple of idiot asshat thugs who broke into my house last Thursday. (Click here to check out pictures of the destruction.)

The jerkweeds jacked open the front door around 11:45am, and were long gone by the time the police arrived 10 minutes later. (Who said you could get a pizza faster? Apparently, you’re wrong.)

The bad news is that in their short stay in my humble abode they managed to cause several thousand dollars worth of damage and steal a few things, too. The short list includes:

  • My crappy 5 year old 27″ TV
  • Both of my TiVos
  • My DVD player
  • My IBM ThinkPad
  • Most (but not all) of my PlayStation games and memory cards

There’s plenty of good news, though. (Believe it or not.)

  1. They didn’t get anything irreplaceable like my Aggie Ring or guitars.
  2. The alarm probably limited them to one armload of stuff.
  3. The laptop they got didn’t have anything on it. I had reformatted it the weekend before and hadn’t installed anything but Windows XP on it.
  4. State Farm rocks, and is very helpful with this whole thing (Did I actually just say that about an insurance company?)
  5. My new front door looks much better than the old one.
  6. I’ve found plenty of humor in this. For example, the idiots didn’t get remotes to any of the items the stole. All of the remotes they grabbed went to components they didn’t take. If they want my lousy 27″ Philips boob tube, they can have it. Let them get up to change the channels!
  7. The TiVos they stole won’t do them any good either. I reported them stolen to TiVo, so they can no longer log in to the TiVo server to download new program guides. I hope they’re happy watching old episodes of MythBusters and Gilmore Girls, because they’re definitely not going to be recording anything new!

Click here to check out pictures of the destruction.

That’s all I have to report for now. Feel free to shoot me questions, or post them in the comments section.

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