Brilliance in Marketing Food From the hip

There should be a law!

Ever since I started working odd hours from home there is one thing that has come to irritate me more than anything: Food commercials for items that are impossible to buy at the hour they’re advertised.

The classic example of this is is the Braum’s ad that always manages to find its way into the 8th inning of a Rangers game just as all of their local stores have closed. That kind of taunting is just cruel.

Today I’m watching Godknowswhat at 4:30am while I’m trying to finish up some website code and I’m distracted by an ad for Ruby Tuesday’s new “Triple Prime” burger.

I have no complaints about the burger. I haven’t had one, but if the thing is only one fifth as good as it looks on TV (which one would think to be a reasonable standard) then I’m sure it’s sinfully devine. The idea alone is pure genius. According to their website this burger is “Fresh 100% USDA prime ground beef with prime tenderloin, prime ribeye and prime sirloin blended and grilled to make the finest premium burger.”

Three different cuts of pure red meat? This thing will do for burgers what slapping three blades on a razor did for shaving. I will probably find a way to indulge myself in its greasy goodness next time I end up in Bedford, the nearest city with a Ruby Tuesday.

But for the love of God, it’s pure torture putting this commercial on at 4:30am!

Wimpy, Wimpy, lema sabachthani?

Looking in my fridge I think I’m going to have to settle for Kool-Aid and a granola bar. Talk about disappointment…

Cruelly tasty-looking Creative Commons photo by graciepoo found on Flickr