Nostalgia Tuesday: Me, shirtless with a truck … Like a young Burt Reynolds

Me, shirtless, with trucks

I really did miss my calling as a beefcake model, didn’t I?

(I figure I’ve embarrassed mom enough for a while, it’s time to turn the scanner on myself.)


  1. cad
    12 August 2008

    awe, look at you sharing your toys with your sis. how long did that last? lol

  2. Mom
    12 August 2008

    Thanks for the reprieve! : -) You loved that Fisher-Price Camping Set!

  3. brad
    18 August 2008

    I notice the sister gets to play with the toy watch…

    you seriously never wanted a watch, did you?

  4. Bo
    19 August 2008

    Watches are for squares, Brad.