Look at my pinwheel and see what I’ve found

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My friend Clare caused me great psychological distress today. I think I need therapy to re-repress the frightening childhood memories that she caused me to recall this evening. Here’s the scene: I am unwinding on the couch with my laptop after an exceedingly long day of handling mindbogglingly epic crises for a couple clients. I’m […]

Remember when MTV showed videos?

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Yeah, I’m not old enough to remember that either. But anyway, I hear they used to do that. If they ever get the wild hair to try it again, I hope they show this video, because I’m absolutely in love with it. It’s so freaking beautiful.

Great Moments in Standards and Practices

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While catching up on past episodes of The Daily Show I’d backlogged on TiVo, I ran across this classic moment: I can imagine two different scenarios for how this happened: The American Idol hippie dude’s move was more subtle, and Comedy Central’s blur-meister missed it Comedy Central’s censors have some magic formula or rule that […]

Now he’ll just have to settle for being a “weiner” on other peoples’ shows

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This is fantastic news! CNN has fired rabid Troy Dungan impersonator Tucker Carlson from Crossfire. (And will likely fold Crossfire, altogether.)

His friends call him Speedo, but his real name’s Mr. Dave

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The latest installment of Dave’s weekly TV column is up on Cinescape. Check it out here. This week he takes a moment to introduce himself. His name is Humpty, rhymes with an umpty … oh wait. That’s someone else. My bad. (Digital Underground, TV Wasteland … anybody could make that mistake.) Anyway, here’s a brief […]

Ooops, I did it…

Did Ashlee’s dad read my earlier post? Ashlee Simpson’s dad blames acid reflux disease for `Saturday Night Live’ gaffe Key quote: “And he said she’s never used the extra help onstage before.” Sure. And Bill Clinton didn’t inhale.

Live video kills radio star

Did anybody watch SNL this weekend? I didn’t. But I caught up with the hubub this morning. For those of you who haven’t heard yet, freshly-minted pop starlet Ashlee Simpson had a rather embarrassing evening. Apparently her sound guy (or the computer he was using, according to her publicist) goofed up and started playing the […]