Tampa Bay Rays due for historic second half collapse

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Anytime I go through Vegas I buy what I call "trip insurance" in the form of placing a couple of ridiculously stupid long-shot bets at the sports book. I figure as bad as the odds are, they’re still better than the odds of collecting on that junk the credit card companies and shady travel agents […]

Open wheel racing is back! Long live the IndyCar Series!

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I fondly remember May 31, 1986. That was the day I got my own TV in my room. It was a big freaking deal. It was an old RCA relic with a blurry picture that kept glowing after you turned it off at night. But it was finally mine. And when I plugged it in […]

Photos from the 2008 Samsung 500 are finally up

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Every year I take a bajillion pictures at the races, yet every time I’m surprised at just how much work I’ve made for myself pulling them off the camera, sorting them, editing them and uploading them. I took somewhere in the neighborhood of 1500 shots on Sunday alone. Of those, I have processed and uploaded […]

2008 O’Reilly 300 Pictures

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My pictures from the Nationwide Series race on Saturday are now up over on Flickr. So are the pictures from Friday’s qualifying. (Check ’em out here.) Sunday’s Samsung 500 pictures will be coming Monday evening. (I’ve gotta sleep sometime.) Enjoy!

Michael McDowell Qualifying Crash Photos

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During qualifying for the Samsung 500 Michael McDowell plowed the #00 “Aaron’s Dream Machine” nose first into the turn one wall at nearly 200 miles per hour. After impact the car flipped into the air, rolling sideways, belching fire and leaving a trail of parts until it finally came to rest about a quarter mile […]

Farewell to the red 8

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I’ve finally processed the rest of my photos from the Dickies 500 race weekend. You can check them out HERE. As the sun sets on the #8 Budweiser car, and as Jimmie Johnson most assuredly wraps up his second consecutive championship this weekend, I just have one thought running through my head as I post […]

Kodachrome …. makes you think all the world is a sunny day, oh yeah.

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Sam Hornish, Jr. spins across the infield during the O’Reilly Auto Parts Challenge at Texas Motor Speedway. This one’s definitely better BIGGER!

Where there’s smoke…

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… there’s a big mess. This wreck with only a couple of laps to go collected both of the drivers contending for the championship. (#5 Skinner and #33 Hornaday) Skinner would still go on to finish on the lead lap. Hornaday’s truck would limp across the finish line in pieces.

Time to go racing!

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Dad and I are headed out to the races this weekend. Tons of pictures are sure to follow. Here’s the first of the bunch. (Although, I recommend checking out the larger view so you can get a better look at the flames shooting out the exhaust!)

I just flew in from Chicago and boy are my arms tired

I just got in from Chicago. I took some pictures while I was there. (See them here.) Worked. Hung out with Sophie and Chris. Met a person with Alton Brown’s phone number in their cell phone. All in all a great trip. I’m freaking exhausted. I rode the L a bunch while in Chicago and […]