Nailed ‘Em!

As someone who has been harassed for taking pictures in a public place before, this bit from Colbert made me smile.

Photography bans, and their inconsistent enforcement suck

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At this point, I would call myself a “semi-pro” photographer. I have photos hanging in an art gallery. I have sold a few pieces. I have done work under contract. I’ve had a waitress at a popular establishment that serves hot wings ask me to take photos of her for their company’s calendar. (Though I […]

Did you know you can own a number?

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Yep! It’s true! So I’m now laying claim to the hexadecimal number “C6 8C 14 E1 9F 29 2A 6B 9E 6C C7 38 D2 80 9E 27” and if I wanted to, I could sue any of you bastards who decided to use that number for whatever dastardly purposes your evil little minds imagine. […]

Case of mistaken identity?

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This just in: Kraft sued for spamming Don’t they realize Spam is a Hormel product?

Communication Breakdown

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People don’t think about this sort of thing when they’re talking about copyrights. Usually the topic centers around how music labels are losing money or screwing consumers. Or how movie piracy will put a makeup artist on the streets. (Even though digital editing of films might do it anyway.) Forgotten in the argument are documentary […]

I, I, Me, Me, Mine

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What sort of response do you think you’ll get when you ask the richest man in the world the following question?

All the leaves are brown, and the sky is gray…

So I’m dreaming of California. If I lived there, I could live off of one day’s wages. That’s right — one day’s wages. California has imposed a ban on spyware, and this might just be my ticket to riches! According to their new law, “Consumers are able to seek up to $1,000 in damages if […]