Jesus is my sommelier

Inspired by a bit of wit in a conversation this afternoon, I’ve created a blasphemously fun t-shirt I thought I’d share. Get it HERE.

New meanings for “in your area”

I always have a chuckle when companies obviously segment their marketing pieces by state. For example, even though I live in the Dallas / Fort Worth area, CompUSA used to send me weekly promotions for their El Paso store. (El Paso is closer to Blythe, California than Dallas.) A few days ago I received this […]

The Junkmail Project: The long, long overdue summary

(Or how nerdiness got the better of me and started my quixotic quest to vanquish the windmills of spam) … If junk mail were worth its weight in gold, I would be well on my way to retirement. I received 993.2009 troy ounces of junk mail last year, and it’s awfully nice to imagine that […]

Wait a minute, Mr. Postman!

Junk email gets a pretty bad rap, the vast majority of that well deserved. You see commercials for companies like AOL and Earthlink bragging about their spam protection systems. Yes, it’s a nuisance for most consumers, and nightmare for systems administrators. But have we completely forgotten its direct ancestor? (Today Merriam Webster might call them […]

Lame holiday gift idea #576

This is the start of an ad that was in an email I got today from the North Texas Tollway Authority. I’m not sure what’s crappier, the mere concept of a TollTag as a stocking stuffer, or the suggestion that it’s okay to be a cheap bastard and just “get someone started on the road […]

Kinky for Crew Chief!

Actually, I think he’d prefer you vote for him for governor. You’ve gotta respect a candidate who knows where he’ll get the most bang for his campaign dollar in this state. (He also sponsored a Silverado in the truck race, too.) More pictures from Friday: Qualifying for Saturday’s Busch race The Silverado 350K Craftsman Truck […]

Bill Smith: Merchandising genius

Seriously? Kids think quality control methodologies are fun? I must be getting old and out of touch.

There should be a law!

Ever since I started working odd hours from home there is one thing that has come to irritate me more than anything: Food commercials for items that are impossible to buy at the hour they’re advertised. The classic example of this is is the Braum’s ad that always manages to find its way into the […]

Must’ve been a brain freeze?

If you’re going to be making up words in your advertising campaign, you probably ought to take extra care to check all of your non-joke copy. People will actually take the extra time to read it all looking for something funny. In this case, it turned out to be unintentionally so. I wonder how many […]

Sign in the VW dealer service shop

Remember my previous post about the pope’s VW selling on eBay? Well, VW decided to make a clever ad poster based on the sale. Well done.